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UFO Perpetual Spinning Top

  -  £7.00

Of course this is not really a perpetual spinning top, but to a casual observer it may seem like that. Simply place it on a flat surface and up the knob on the top up slightly. More information about the UFO Perpetual Spinning Top




  -  £2.48

A science curiosity whose ancient and mysterious properties capture the attention of all ages. Rattleback will spin in one direction but when spun in the wrong direction, it will quickly stop, rattle up and down, and then begin to spin in the opposite direction. It also magnifies and is sure to entertain for hours! More information about the Rattleback

  see video



Humming Spinning Top

  -  £4.99

The top comes in three vibrant designs including a pretty daisy-like flower, retro flying saucer, and funky, multi-coloured fish. A great a hit with young children. More information about the Humming Spinning Top


  Rainbow Humming Top  

Rainbow Humming Top

  -  £10.00

This is a large pretty rainbow humming top is based on victorian humming tops but with a modern fun design. 18 cm in size. More information about the Rainbow Humming Top


  Victorian Humming Top  

Victorian Humming Top

  -  £11.50

This is a large humming top based on Victorian humming tops and comes with pictures of Victorian toys painted on. 18 cm in size. More information about the Victorian Humming Top


  Metal Flip Over Tippe Top  

Metal Flip Over Top

  -  £5.48

Once the top is spun it suddenly flips over and continues to spin upside-down. An unusual gyroscopic effect ! More information about the Metal Flip Over Top


  Top Secret Spinning Top  

Top Secret

  -  £10.99

Spin this unique top on its base and watch it continue for hours, sometimes days without stopping... Can your brain explain what your senses experience? More information about the Top Secret