Brass Lecture Gyroscope

Brass Lecture Gyroscope

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Based on University gyroscopes from the 19th century the 'lecture' gyroscope adds modern technologies that were not available at the time. This gyroscope is superior to anything else on the market. A rubber starter wheel is connected to a small electric drill (sold separately) to get the gyroscope up to speed (7,000 rpm+). Leaving you to do experiments with the high speed spinning gyroscope that spins effortlessly for over 20 minutes.

10th Nov 2016
We have just finished production on the latest batch of lecture gyros. We are now accepting orders for the next batch of lecture gyroscopes. Production on these will start Jan 2017. They are likely to take 8 weeks to make. Therefore we expect delivery to be March 2017.
  • 'Spin time' has been increased to 20 minutes +
  • The Gyroscope's 'disk' is 100mm / 4inch in Diameter
  • No Compromises have been made with the design
  • Weights approx. 5.6Kg (12lb 6oz)
  • Inner gimbal can be removed
  • High speed stainless steel bearings
  • The gyroscope and gimbal positions are adjustable
  • Made from SOLID brass
  • Started with rubber friction starter (supplied)
  • Requires a small electric drill - sold separately
  • Size (overall height around 305mm / 12 inches)
  • Ideal for practical demonstrations at colleges, universities, Flying schools.
  • Can be used as executive 'toy'
  • Very high quality
  • Designed and machined in England
  • There is no other gyroscope like it on the market
  • Comes with starter wheel (picture coming soon)
  • and 10mm high quality spanner

Optional extras

Dremel 7000N5 small electric drill Cordless Dremel drill that runs from 4 AA batteries (ideal for international buyers)

This gyroscope is not suitable for children and should only be operated by adults.
Operation above 5000 rpm is not recommended and at YOUR own risk
Ensure the nuts are tight before operating the gyroscope
Keep long hair away from the rotating disk

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Ideal for ages 16 (strongly recommended).
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