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At first just gyroscopes...

Gyroscope.com has been in existence since 1999, after being inspired to set up a web site dedicated to all things gyroscope after an attempt to purchase a single toy gyroscope.

This proved to be almost frustratingly impossible, the only option was to purchase in quantity! Still we were sufficiently interested in acquiring the toy that we ordered the lot! We then decided to offer the remainder for sale over the internet.

It seemed that there were other people out there that were interested in purchasing gyroscopes of all types and pretty soon we were receiving requests & enquiries from all over the world. Several enquiries were related to a particular model that was no longer in manufacture, demand was sufficient that the decision was made to design & produce the item ourselves; to our delight it was extremely well received and stock sold out immediately.

Over the next few years we concentrated on bringing together the largest collection of purchasable gyroscopes anywhere in the world, some of the items are exclusive to the website.

Then the hard to find

Sometimes the world overlooks an invention, sometimes it is ahead of its time or just not given enough time. Despite it being really good! There appears to be an abundant amount of inventions that have not quite got their prominence. Thankfully some of these have been rediscovered, developed further here, prototyped and turned into products that you can buy from our website. The Tesla turbine is an example of such a product and which we have now made a few versions of.

Our own factory

In 2012 we purchased an English engineering firm we had been working with for a number of years. This now enables us to conceive a product, design it, prototype, go into production and sell the product directly to the customer. Allowing for rapid development and the ability to respond and improve products based on customer feedback.