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Gyroscope Golf Putting Aid

Golf Gyroscope

Golf Gyroscope     

  golf gyroscope
golf gyroscope

In 2011 a golf gyroscope was invented by Shayne Verner and David Capaldo. The device was designed as a training aid for use in practice to overcome the yips. The yips is the name given to involuntary movements, in golf this occurs when putting. Other names given to it include twitches, staggers, jitters and jerks. A high percentage of golfers get the yips at some point in their game. Although the reason why it occurs is not fully understood it is thought to be partially psychological. The product was released under the brand “The Can't Miss” is essentially a gyro-stabilizer that attaches to a golf club/putter. The golfer plays as normal and is still in control of the direction of the swing. If the golfer does get a 'yip' while swinging the gyro-stabilization keeps the golf club pointing in the right direction. The golfer also feels some resistance to the 'yip' from gyro-stabilization which if repeated over time reduces the occurrence of the yips. This golf training aid is very interesting and novel use of a gyroscope.

  1. Take your choosen putter
  2. Undo the 2 thumb screws on the golf gyro.
  3. Put the golf gyro around the putter.
  4. Position so the most of the gold gyro is away from position of putter (away from hole)
  5. Tighten the thumbscrews. unscure golf gyro can move/slide
  6. Add 4 AA batteries to the battery pack
  7. Attach start motor to the golf gyro. It will clip into place
  8. Turn on switch (on battery pack)
  9. Leave gyroscope to spin up for about a minute
  10. Turn off switch
  11. Pull of start motor
  12. You are now ready to start putting!

Gyroscopes are delicate instruments. Don't drop the gyroscope or induce a heavy shock. This could damage the bearings.

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