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How to Order

Just add the products you want into the basket. The first time you add a product you will be asked which country you want the products sent to. Once you have chosen all the things you want, on the basket page choose the delivery method you want. You will be able to see the total cost, if you are happy with this you can then choose to continue. If you do you will be asked for your e-mail address, to create a password, the invoice/delivery address and finally your credit/debit card details. All of this information will be sent securely to our secure servers. You will then be presented with a receipt page and a receipt e-mail will also be sent to you.

Security Questions

Do you use secure servers?
Yes. When your make your payment it will be handled by a secure server/website.

Is it safe to order online?
We have put together a page explaining why it is safer to order online. click here to to view the page

Price/Payment Questions

How much will it cost including delivery?
Just add the product to the basket and you will get the total price. You may have a choice of delivery options.

Can I use a credit or debit card?
Yes. Just add want you want to the basket and follow the instructions.

Can I use a foreign card?
We take most debit and credit cards from all countries.

Do you take American Express?
I'm sorry we don't.

Do you accept cheques/checks?
I'm sorry we don't.

Delivery Questions

Where can you deliver to?
We ship worldwide.

How much will the delivery cost?
Add a product to your shopping basket and it will calculate the delivery.

Refunds and Replacements

Return Policy
Our return policy is based on fairness, common sense and British law. If your product arrives damaged or defective, we would ask you to return it to us and we will replace it. If it goes missing we will claim from the courier/post office and make sure you get what you ordered. In the unlikely event that you don't like the item, provided it is returned in a complete and good condition within 30 days of ordering we will refund the full amount excluding all the postage costs and a 15% restocking fee. Any local taxes that you pay will have to be claimed back by yourself.

If you want to return an item, e-mail or phone us before returning it and then return it with a note detailing the problem. Our contact details can be found here