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Why is it safer to order online?

Why is it safer to order online? Our web servers use secure encryption and your contact details are securely stored. Your payment details are never stored on our servers. Our bank just let us know electronically whether your payment was successful or failed. WE NEVER get to see your cards details and couldn't if we wanted to.
The press say online fraud is increasing, it can't be safe! Online fraud is increasing. However the press normally fail to explain what is classed as online fraud. If someone steals your credit card from your wallet or bag and then uses it to buy online, this will be classed as online fraud. As "chip and pin" is used more widely around the world this forces the crime from the high street to online.
Will I be asked for my "chip and pin" number? Chip and pin does not work online.
What about hackers breaking into your website and stealing my details? Poorly built websites can make it easy for hackers to break into the website; we have invested a lot of time ensuring our site is hacker resistant. Even in the very unlikely event that a hacker broke into our site, they would be disappointed. Remember we don't store any debit or credit card details!
Is it safer to send a cheque/check? Definitely not. They can and do get lost in the post. Processing a cheque can increase the time to dispatch by up tp 10 days and people sometimes send the wrong amount which delays things further.
Why should I trust you? We have been running as a limited company since 2002, are VAT register with the UK government and have sold to over 55 countries. We have processed tens of thousands of transaction successfully and securely. Our staff have been running online stores since 1999.
Do you use a secure server? Yes we do. An SSL secure server.