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Shipping and Tracking

How do I tracking the order? click here to track it
When will my order dispatch? Normally within 1 working day. Orders placed in the early afternoon are usually dispatched that day (95% of the time). However we DO NOT guarantee same day dispatch. If you need something really quickly phone/email us to confirm it will be dispatched that day.
How is it delivered? Generally we will give you 2 delivery options whenever we can.
How long does it take to get to me?

Last dates to order for Christmas delivery
(The times below are what we recommend.)

Country Posting Method Last posting day
United Kingdom FedEx Courier 22nd December (AM)
(order sooner if possible)
United Kingdom DPD Courier 22nd December (AM)
(order sooner if possible)
United Kingdom Landmark
10th December
(recommended by us)
Western Europe Landmark
10th December
Eastern Europe,
USA and Canada
10th December
(recommended by us)
All other countries Landmark
10th December
(recommended by us)

USA Fedex (AM) 20th December (9am GMT),
should be possible if
ordered later but at own risk

Normally only takes 1 day east coast,
2-3 days west coast
Europe Fedex (AM) 20th December,
should be possible if
ordered later but at own risk
Rest of the world Fedex (AM) 17th December,
should be possible if
ordered later but at own risk

Note: Our Fedex option can deliver parcels much later. Fedex items to the USA normally takes 1-3 working days.

Country FedEx
FedEx UK
Landmark Global logo
Landmark Global
FedEx logo
About service Fast, tracked, reliable. Tracked but slow. Leave plenty of time Fast, tracked, quick but not the cheapest
United Kingdom 1 day 2 - 7 days † -
France - 3 - 10 days 2 days
Western Europe - 3 - 7 days 2 days
Eastern Europe - 5 - 7 days 3 days
USA (East Coast) - 5 - 10 days † 1 day
USA (rest) and Canada - 5 - 10 days † 2 - 3 days
All other countries - 5 - 10 days † 2 - 8 days
Note: Times are in business days
† average
Are there any problem countries? Deliveries to Russia are troublesome for most couriers. We have special options for Russia.

Payment and Ordering

Refunds, replacements and cancellations click here to view more detailed information
Is it safe to order online? Click here to see why it is safer to order online
How can I pay? Credit / Debit card, Paypal or bitcoins.

If you are ordering from a school, college, university, large company or government organisation will still accept cheques or bank transfer. Where possible please order online, as this will be much faster.
Do you accept cheques? We stopped accepting personal cheques in 2006. However we still accept cheques from schools, colleges, universities, large companies or government or military organisations.
Will my credit/debit card work? Almost all cards now allow you to purchase products in a different currency. If the transaction fails phone your bank and ask them to approve the transaction. The phone number is usually on the back of the card.
Will the card company charge me to convert to another currency? Sometimes they do, but in most cases this is less than 1%. If unsure check with your card company/bank first.
How much will this cost me in dollars or other currencies? On the basket page you have the option of viewing the prices in a number of currencies. Exchange rates are provided by http://coinmill.com/ Actual card exchange MAY vary fractionally as VISA and Mastercard use their own exchange. The difference is small if any.
When will the credit/debit card be charged? It will be charged when you order. In the UK this is normal. Our current card system does not allow us to charge the card when dispatched. Most orders go out the same or next working day. If something is out of stock we will let you know.