Thermo Acoustic Engine

Thermo Acoustic Engine

This is thermo-acoustic Stirling engine has a single piston, rather than two on more conventional Stirling engines. Conventional Stirling engines have a power piston and a second piston that shuttles air between the hot and cold parts of the engine (known as a displacer piston). This thermo-acoustic engine doesn’t use a displacer piston, instead it utilises a travelling sound wave to do the work of a displacement piston. Heat is provided by a small methylated spirit (denatured alcohol) burner which is provided with the engine.

Because there is only one connecting rod, backlash and drag is effectively halved in comparison with a conventional hot air engine. The absence of a phased displacer also means that this engine is multi-directional, in other words it can operate with the flywheel rotating either way.

This engine has been meticulously designed and manufactured by an English engineering company.

The engine is supplied in self-assembly kit form, complete with detailed instructions and tools. Instructions are supplied on CD, access to computer is therefore required during assembly.

Base plates : 80mm X 00mm, 5mm thick
Flywheel : 96mm diameter, 10mm thick td>
Power piston : 18mm diameter
Displacer : 70mm diameter, 8mm thick
Overall height : 110mm

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