Autoloader Pump Action Screwdriver (PROFESSIONAL)

Isn’t it irritating not being able to find the right screwdriver? Or having to carrying loads of screwdrivers around not knowing which one you will need. Then, while up a ladder or in some awkward place you realise you have the wrong screwdriver and you need the other one across the room.

Well this little tool solves those problems. It contains 6 screwdriver bits in the handle. With a simple quick pump-action type movement you can swap over the screwdriver bits. The handle is designed so it does not roll off a surface and the bits can be changed for any you may have.

A nicely made tool to make life a little easier.

  • Supplied with 6 Philips and flathead magnetic tipped bits
  • Phillips 1, 2, 3, Slotted 1/4", 3/16", 1/8"
  • Size approximately 20.5cm(H) x 3.5cm(W)
  • Tips can be changed for ones of your choosing
  • Change screwdriver bits in 2 seconds !
  • Less blucky than carrying 6 screwdrivers
  • Constructed from Chrome Vanadium steel
  • Made from chemical and shock resistant plastic
  • Handle is shaped so it will not roll away

The screwdriver comes in three varieties.
Standard/classic – Suits most applications. The screwdriver most people will want.
Precision – Smaller and lighter. Bits are smaller, ideal for opening phones and anything with small screws.
Professional – Same as standard/classic but with an even stronger metal case. Choose for every day use.

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