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Horizontal Gas Engine


This is the simplest engine in the range. It is single cylinder horizontal engine with short exhaust pipes. As with all the engines in the range its runs off butane or propane (or a mix of both) which is stored in a gas tank on the baseplate. This is refilled in between runs. With the help of the flywheel the engine can be started easily using just your thumb and index finger. A simple turn of a knob on the gas tank and flick the flywheel, then adjust the knob for the correct speed and to rev the engine.

The baseplate and engine are made from anodized aluminum. The cylinder liner and pistons consist of hardened steel which ensures a long life span. The flywheel is polished brass. The ignition system uses Piezo crystal which requires no batteries.

The model engine comes complete and ready to run. Gas is not supplied but it can run of any butane or propane source.

Technical data:
Speed regulation: valve on the gas tank
Crankshaft two-way running in ball bearings
Capacity approx.. 1.5 cc
Number of revolutions approx.. 200 - 2500 rpm
Running time approx. 15 min per standard gas refill
Height: 120mm
Width: 120mm
Length: 180mm
Weight 2.2 kg

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Price: £349.99 in

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