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KS18 Beta-type Stirling engine (ASSEMBLED)


This beautiful engine will run at over 800rpm on a small methylated spirit flame.

Design features:

  • Borosilicate glass cylinder and pure graphite piston
  • Nitrile O ring seals 
  • Oiled and sealed stainless steel ball race bearings
  • Operates on Methylated spirit (or denatured alcohol)
  • Precision engineered and hand built in England
  • Overall height: 90mm~ (3.54 inches)
  • Base dimensions: 96mm X 284mm (3.77 x 11.18 inches)
  • Flywheel diameter: 59mm (2.32 inches)
  • Material: aluminium, stainless steel, brass

Supplied with burner wick, full operation instructions and maintenance guide.

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