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Inverted Stirling Engine (SOLAR ASSEMBLED)

Inverted Stirling Engine SOLAR ASSEMBLED

The Kontax Solar Inversion Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engine is the only engine of its kind available for sale anywhere in the world.

It has been designed to run from sunlight or lamp light, but it will also operate from many other heat sources, including warm water and the human hand. As long as there is a small difference in temperature between the top two plates this engine will run.

This engine has been meticulously engineered. As any Stirling Engine enthusiast knows, friction is your enemy in LTD models. With this in mind, all potential sources of friction in this engine have been eliminated. Another common problem with LTD Stirlings is heat transfer between the plates. Again, all possible routes for heat to transfer directly between the plates have been eliminated.

Every engine has been tested to run on a differential of 7°C.

A large number of schools and universities have bought our KS90 engines for educational use, the transparent chamber and cylinder make it very easy to explain the Stirling cycle to students. Many of our engines have been kept running for years on top of coffee machines, computers, fax machines, etc. in shops, kitchens and offices all over the world. This solar model will also run from ice. To do this place a thin-bottomed container full of crushed ice on the top plate and the engine will happily runs, but backwards.

Superior engine features:

  • Low-profile insulated brass chamber pillars
  • Elegant solid brass legs
  • Polished brass fittings
  • All airtight seals are made with high strength precision screw threads and nitrile O rings
  • Both connecting rods are positively located using low friction PET and stainless screws
  • Micron precision Borosilicate glass cylinders and Graphite power pistons, the best combination for this application
  • Ultra low friction demagnetised and de-greased bearings, NO lubrication required
  • Fully CNC machined, ensuring crisp, clean tidy edges all over
  • Engine parts ultrasonically cleaned before hand assembly
  • Precision engineered and hand built in England
  • Great Executive toy / gift, ideal retirement present / gift for the Engineer
  • Fascinating scientific instrument, demonstrates several scientific facts and phenomena
  • We are proud enough of our engine to engrave it with the KONTAX name
  • Every one of these engines has been tested to run off the heat of a hand.

Major dimensions:

  • 82mm (3.25") diameter flywheel
  • 100mm (4") diameter top plate
  • 100mm (4") diameter  plinth
  • 170mm (9") Overall height

Price: £140.00 in

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