Piezo Electric Gyroscope

Piezo Electric Gyroscope Sensor

What is it?
This is electronic component that is just 21mm by 8mm. It is used to sense changes in direction just like a rate gyroscope. You can add upto three together to sense all 3 axises (yaw, pitch and roll).
How it works
Normal rotating mechanical gyroscopes like found on aircraft and ships use gyroscopic forces to detect changes in rotation. In order to make a ultra-small, ultra-lightweight, quick-response, low cost gyroscope a related phenomenon has been used. It uses the phenomenon of Coriolis force to detect changes in rotational angular velocity (rotation) in oscillating bodys. Rather than having a spining disk like on it's larger cousins these gyroscopes have a vibrating component. The vibrations are so small they cannot be felt by the human hand. Their were two types, ENC-03JA and ENC-03JB only differ in their vibration frequency (usefull when putting to very close together)

The gyros have a maximum reading of 300 degrees per second and will require calibration. Their performance varies by about 10% - 20% over a single production lot (according to manufacturer). The gyro data will need to be sampled periodically and integrated over time to give you an absolute heading or roll or pitch. Otherwise of course you just get the instantaneous yaw, pitch and roll rates.

  1. Ultra-small and ultra-lightweight
  2. Quick response
  3. Low driving voltage ; low current consumption
  4. Reliable features achieved by a built-in-AGC circuit
APPLICATIONS and suggestions of use
  1. Detecting hand movement involved in video and still cameras
  2. Detecting vibrations in various vibration free table and isolators
  3. Detecting its own movement
  4. Detecting the movement of a mouse or joystick
  5. Detecting the movement when placed in a virtual reality head set
  6. Detecting the change in direction in a vehicle
  7. Security systems (motion detection)
  8. Robotics (Detecting when the robot is falling over)
  9. Radio Control aircraft, cars etc
  1. Do not install the sensor in a location in which condensation is likely to form on it.
  2. This sensor must be installed where temperature does not vary significantly.
  3. Do not use under excessive shocked or vibrated condition.
Piezo Electric Gyro

Piezo Electric Gyro circuit

Global Part Number ENC-03J
Previous Part Number ENC-03J
Supply Voltage 2.7 to 5.5 Vdc
Current Consumption (max.) 5mA
Maximum Angular Velocity +/-300deg./sec.
Output (at Angular Velocity=0) 1.35Vdc
Scale Factor 0.67mV/deg./sec.
Temp. Coefficient of Scale Factor +/-20% at -5~+75

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