450Hz Metal Pro Diablo S - Light (Gold)

Sumptious, exciting, luxurious and featuring a flawless gold-plated finish, the 450Hz Metal™ “Diablo S”™ Lightweight Edition NSD Powerball is an ultra desirable Powerball and will certainly serve as the jewel in the crown of your collection - a must for any serious Powerball enthusiast.

Hand-assembled, each ball is individually tested and will spin at speeds in excess of 21,000rpm allowing you for the first time to experience the true 450Hz™ “Diablo S”™ power of the metal™ Powerball and is guaranteed to blow your mind!

Each Powerball is presented in a transparent magnetic display case to ensure that its beauty remains protected but in view at all times while not in use. All 350Hz Metal models feature our 6 mode Accura V2.0 digital counter as standard - also included are two starting cords and full instructions plus a comprehensive product guarantee.

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Ideal for ages 14+.
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