250hz Pro Powerball Gyroscope

This gadget holds an internal gyroscope that has a mechanical mechanism that by rotating it in a particular way increases the speed of the gyroscope. At slow speeds only small gyroscopic forces can be felt but as the internal gyroscope speeds up these forces increase and it becomes more difficult to rotate the powerball.

The result is quite a remarkable amount of force is exerted on your arm and wrist.

A few minutes using the powerball and it seems like your arm has been working out in a gym. Top speeds of 15,000 rpm are possible and this can be measure with the onboard counter.

There is even an online competition to get the highest RPM speeds.

Great for:
Office competitions,
Exercise for some sports,
Learning about the forces of gyroscopes,
as an Executive toy.

  • Speeds of up to 15,000 RPM
  • Built in speedometer
  • Onboard counter with 3 programme functions
  • Auto off feature
  • Great for sports training
  • Improve your wrist/arm/grip for sports
  • Size: 7.5cm x 6.5cm

Click here for a link to the powerball's website
Or here for video clips

Note: There are two batteries in the speedometer. Using the Power Ball for an hour a day will give you about three years worth of spinning (and very strong arms) before they need replacing.

Price: £21.43 in

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