Compact folding adjustable spanner/wrench

Compact folding adjustable spanner closed

Compact folding adjustable spannerwrench  fully open      Compact folding adjustable spanner half open     

This compact folding spanner/wrench is can be stored away in small places for emergencies or can be used for day-to-day use. It easily and quickly folds in half to reduce space. Both ends have adjustable jaws that have 12 different-sizes to handle nuts from 5/16"mm to 1"inch. Please note the spanner is used to be metric but our latest version is imperial. It has 12 sizes. 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 19/16" 5/8" 11/16" 3/4" 13/16" 7/8" 15/16" 1"

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