Mamod Working Steam Brunel Vertical Boiler Engine

Brunel Vertical Boiler Engine

Mamod Working Steam Brunel Vertical Boiler Engine     

This is a working model steam engine based on a Brunel vertical boiler engine. Powered by butane/propane, the gas tank is filled. Warm water is added to the boiler, a glass water level sight allows you to see how full the boiler is. Lightly oil the engine in preparation for starting. Open the gas valve slight and light the burner. The boiler heats up and the pressure gauge starts to rise. Once up to pressure open up the steam valve and give the flywheel a flick. The engine is away !

Comes with metal tracks (16 curved, 8 straight) to create an oval circuit.

  • Silver soldered boiler
  • Re-heating coil
  • Slide valve piston/cylinder
  • Geared drive
  • Glass water level
  • Pressure gauge
  • Ceramic burner
  • Butane/propane gas tank
  • Safety valve rated to 40psi
  • Internally framed wheels - re-gaugeable to either "O" or "1" gauge
  • NOW with improved sight glass and spare port

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