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Yoshimoto Cube

Yoshimoto Cube Polyhedral Mechanical Puzzle Toy - £66.98

OUT OF STOCK - want an email when in stock?
Yoshimoto Cube. A Polyhedral Mechanical Puzzle Toy. More information about the Yoshimoto Cube Polyhedral Mechanical Puzzle Toy

Music Box - £17.99

Music boxes are a classic toy. This one is a little different because you can create your own music. It comes with paper and a punch. You punch out the notes you want to play. Feed the paper into the music box and use the hand crank to play the music. More information about the Music Box

Liquid timer like a sand timer

Liquid Timer - £7.00

The elegant cylinder contains a reservoir at each end from which a coloured, viscous liquid drips when turned over. More information about the Liquid Timer

Fidget spinner ball

Fidget Spinner Mirror Ball - £14.99

This is a very ornamental desktop fidget spinner. The shape and almost mirror like finish really give it a tremendous lustre. It has bearings and a hidden base under it. It is made from solid Aluminium giving it substantive feel and inertia. More information about the Fidget Spinner Mirror Ball

Wooden musical boxes

Wooden musical boxes - £10.00

Music boxes are a classic toy. This have music from The Beatles, Pink Panther, Game of Thrones, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, The Godfather and Pirates of the Caribbean. More information about the Wooden musical boxes

LOGIFACES - The Original Set - SUPERCOLOR - 16pcs

The Original Set - SUPERCOLOR - 16pcs - £66.00

More information about the The Original Set - SUPERCOLOR - 16pcs



We used to sell the original Yoshimoto Cube. Sadly it is no longer made. However Rubik’s (from the makers of the famous Rubik's Cube) make the Magic Star. Same shape as the Yoshimoto Cube but with colourful squares. More information about the RUBIKS MAGIC STAR