Yoshimoto Cube Polyhedral Mechanical Puzzle Toy

Yoshimoto Cube

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The Yoshimoto Cube is a polyhedral mechanical puzzle toy invented in 1971 by Japanese man Naoki Yoshimoto. The cube is made up of eight interconnected cubes and it is capable of folding and unfolding itself in a cyclic fashion. You can keep folding, or unfolding the cube, indefinitely. Once folded, the cube can be turned into two rhombic stellated dodecahedrons. Yoshimoto discovered that these two shapes could pieced together into a square when he was finding different ways he could split a cube equally in half.

As a work that delves into the aesthetics of math and geometry, it was selected in 1982 by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for inclusion in its permanent collection. It makes a great toy for children, or a desktop object.

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