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4 Cylinder Gas Powered Engine

6cc 4 cylinder gas engine

All the cylinders on show of the 2 stroke 4 cylinder engine      6cc 4 cylinder gas engine     

This is a 4 cylinder "tumbling spider" gas power engine. This engine is based on aircraft engines tested in the 40's and 30's. These engines were particularly interesting as replacements for radial engines because they took up less space (had a smaller diameter). They have a swash plate rather than crank shaft.

As with all our gas powered engines it has a Piezo ignition system. However on this version it is built into the base and is driven with a toothed belt by the engine. The gas and hence speed regulation is handled by a valve on the gas tank. The gas tank also has a pressure gauge.

The engine has a mesmerising, elegant motion which is particularly emphasised by the open construction. You will notice parts moving in opposite directions with the piston, crosshead and valve rods having interesting mechanical interactions. The engine has a pleasant deep tone sound when running. This model is finished and ready to run.

Technical data:
Speed regulation: valve on the gas tank + pressure gauge
Capacity: 1.5 CC x 4 (6cc)
Number of revolutions: 200 - 1000 rpm (approx)
Height: 240 mm
Width: 180 mm
Length: 280 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg - with tank and baseplate
Running time: approx. 10 min per standard gas refil
Flywheel diameter: approx. 123 mm
Ignition: Piezo crystal (no batteries required)

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