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4 Stroke Single Cylinder Gas Power Engine

4 Stroke gas powered engine carburetor on left

Top of 4 stroke engine valves on right exhaustcarburetor on right      4 Stroke gas powered engine carburetor on left     

This is a 4 stroke single cylinder gas powered engine. The engine is economical in fuel consumption and the open structure shows the very beautiful motion of the pistons, crosshead, over-head valves, valve rods, cams and rocker arms. The engine has two over-head valves, one for gas/air intake and another for exhaust gasses.

Unlike the 2 stroke engines, the 4 stroke model has a carburetor to control the gas/air mixture allowing fine tuning of the efficiency. Speed is controlled with the carburetor and gas control valve. The higher efficiency means this model runs upto 2500rpm and produces a wonderful silky sound. A large flywheel with a special starter pull cord and wheel allows a comfortable and safe start. The 4 stroke engine is over twice as efficient as the same capacity 2 stroke models.

The model engine comes complete and ready to run. Gas is not supplied but it can run of any butane or propane source. Click here for a supplier of butane in the uk.
Technical data:
Speed regulation: valve on the gas tank and carburetor
Crankshaft: running in ball bearings
Capacity: 1.5 CC
Number of revolutions: 200 - 2500 rpm (approx)
Height: 220 mm
Width: 120 mm
Length: 180 mm
Weight: 2.3 kg - with tank and baseplate
Running time: approx. 30 min per standard gas refill
Flywheel diameter: approx. 123 mm
Ignition: Piezo crystal - high voltage (no batteries required)

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