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Cyclone Gyroscope

Cyclone Toy gyroscope

Cyclone Toy gyroscope     

The forces demonstrated in your Cyclone Gyroscope are the same as those first observed by Sir Isaac Newton in the 18th. They are put to use today in gyro-controlled guidance and navigation system in ships, planes and spacecraft, accurate mapping and survey work, oil well drilling and even motion picture making. Inspire you child with physics with probably the best 'toy' gyroscope on the market today. The Cyclone gyroscope great educational toy.

Hold the power of a cyclone in your hand. Easy to start, hard to stop. This gyroscope has been designed to be easy to hold, easy to perform tricks, and easy to have fun.

Everything you need is in the box to feel the power!

The gyroscope has a easy to start rip cord and soft ends to stop damage to surfaces.

  • Weight Approx: 125 g
  • Main material: metal, plastic
  • Size about:71mm diameter (2.8inch)

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Ideal for ages 6+.
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