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Feel Flux - A device showing Lenz's Law

Feel Flux - A device showing Lenzs Law

Feel Flux - A device showing Lenzs Law      Feel Flux - A device showing Lenzs Law     

Simple yet unexpected. The Flux original is the perfect combination of science and design, amaze anybody with the beautiful Lenz's law provides. Drop the ultra-strong magnet ball inside the perfectly turned copper tube and see how extremely slowly the ball falls. It is something you have to feel in your hands to believe.

The copper tube is fully CNC machined from high grade copper ,while the supplied base is made from CNC machined aluminium and anodised for protection.

Normally the product is wrapped in leather. However we requested a unique batch to be made just for us wrapped in Alcantara TM. Alcantara is a material with superior properties to leather and is well in the luxury car, aircraft, jet, and yacht industries. The result is vegan friendly product with improved look and feel.

  • High purity 99.99% copper giving the best conductivity
  • Wrapped in high quality synthetic suede known as AlcantaraTM
  • Demonstrates Lenz's law
  • Ball passes with copper tube surprisingly slowly
  • Large strong magnetic ball
  • Anodised Aluminium base/stand to present everything when not in use.

Safety advice
  • For people over 14 years of age
  • Keep 30cm /1 foot away from:
  • Medical devices, watches , phones, tablets, computers, hard drives, storage devices, measurement designs.
  • Do not set fire
  • Do not consume
  • Avoid high impacts

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Ideal for ages 14+.
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