Fire Plunger

This Fire Plunger is used to demonstrate Gas Law and Diesel Engine Principle.

Rapid compression of air in the chamber ignited a tiny small bit of tissue paper or a wisp of cotton. The principle being that reducing the volume of a gas increases it pressure and temperature, thereby causing the paper or cotton to ignite till all the oxygen is used up.

Comes complete with spare Rings, cotton and combustible fibre.

To use, take of plunger and place a tiny amount of cotton inside. Connect plunger and lift plunger to its highest point. Now if a single action, swiftly push the plunger. Basically hit it with the palm of your hand. The cotton will catch fire.

  • Weight Approx: 165 g
  • Main material: metal, plastic
  • Size about: 180mm high, 65mm diameter base

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