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Gyrosteady - Camera Gyrostabilizer

GyroSteady - Camera gyrostabilizer

GyroSteady - Camera gyrostabilizer      GyroSteady - Camera gyrostabilizer     

Hand-held gyrostabilisers for binoculars and cameras have been around since the 1950’s and have been used extensively in the film industry as a means to stabilise the video footage. There are numerous scenarios where the camera is being buffeted causing unwanted blurring or shaking. In many cases gyrostabilizers enable shots that would otherwise be impossible. For example the chase scene in the forest from the film Return of the Jedi required an ultra-smooth shot as the cameraman walked/ran through the forest floor. The footage was then sped up giving the illusions of a fast smooth but intense chase scene.

The concept is simple; A gyrostabiliser connected to camera gives stabilization resisting moving in given directions. Each gyrostabiliser unit provides stabilization on single axis, either pitch, yaw or roll depending how you choose to mount it. You can also stack multiple gyrostabilisers together providing stabilization on extra axis/axes. Fittings are built-in into the gyrostabilizer to mount two together for both pitch and yaw axis. So In other words it helps with twisting motions left/right and twisting up/down. If the roll axis needs to be stabilized too (rare) a third gyrostabilizer needs to be added (no mounts to do this can be provided at present).

Until now the gyrostabilizers have inherently expensive and only affordable to serious professionals. Development of a lower cost gyrostabilizer is being finished.

Many applications will require just one gyrostabilizer. Some two. You will have to consider what you need. I will describe some typical setups soon.....

  • Reduces/stops camera shake where there is Pitch, Roll or yaw (1 axis per gyrostabilizer)
  • Relativity quiet operation
  • Reduces blurring
  • Enables use of slower shutter speeds
  • Can be used with binoculars
  • Can work with most types of cameras, including SLR cameras
  • Works with small/medium sized video cameras (can double up for large cameras)
  • Ideal for use in Helicopters and Fixed wing aircraft
  • Works with any vehicles not providing a complete smooth ride
  • Can be used where bulky equipment cannot go
  • Can be used wherever there is a problem with vibration or unwanted movement
  • Could even be used with some RC aircraft and UAVs
  • Stackable for easy 1 axis or 2 axis stabilization (pitch + yaw)
  • 3 axis stabilization possible with your own mounting equipment
  • Built in Camera mounts to connect to most cameras and video cameras

Specification of the camera gyrostabilizer
  • Size: H 91mm x W 156mm x L 72mm (excludes camera brackets)
  • Weight: 1440grams (about 3.2lb). Excludes battery.
  • Battery: 360grams. Built in over charge, over discharge and circuit protection
  • Battery size: 76 mm x 115 mm x 32 mm
  • Battery life: up to 3 hours (with LED battery Fuel Gauge)
  • Start up time: approx. 40 seconds to full speed
  • dB: 60dB @ 5 meters, 72dB @ 1 meter
  • RPM: digitally controlled at 12,000rpm
  • Status Indicator: small LED shows if on, starting up or at full speed
  • Custom Case: Custom made Peli flight case sold separately here

Price: £419.98 in

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