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Inverter Magnet - Tractor Beam Magnet

Inverter Magnet - tractor beam magnet

The Inverter Magnet contains a number of magnets in a special arrangement. The special arrangement creates a unique magnetic field that can hold another magnet a fixed distance away. This works provided both the inverter magnet and the other magnet are in a fixed plane (e.g. they are both on a flat table top).

The most obvious test is to place the inverter magnet on a table. Then put a normal magnet (supplied) on the table but far away from the inverter magnet. Slowly bring the normal magnet closer, as they get closer together they will start to attract one another. Normally at this point two magnets would slam together, but with the inverter magnet they don’t. Instead they remain at a fixed position around 4-7mm away from one another. This means that when the Inverter Magnet is moved across a table top, the test magnet moves with it as if attached with a rigid rod, despite the fact that the magnets are not connected by anything except magnetic forces.

This patented technology was invented by Owen Miller and license to us for use in this product.

Some example experiments can be found here.

  • Supplied as a kit (6 outer magnets + 2 inner magnets stack on top of one another)
  • Comes with a test magnet (2 magnets stack on top of one another)
  • No screwdrivers all tools required

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