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Magnetically Floating Spinning Top

Magnetically Floating Spinning Top

Magnetically Floating Spinning Top      Magnetically Floating Spinning Top     

This Magnetically Floating Spinning Top uses the principles of gyroscopic physics and maglev technology. The end result is an amazing educational toy that floats in mid-air.

This product requires careful operation and lots of patience to get it to work. Don't expect it to work out of the box. You need have a flat and level surface. Then quite a bit of time adding and remove weights until it finally floats in mid-air.

Could be demonstrated to an older child with supervision.

  • Weight Approx: 800 g
  • Main material: metal, plastic
  • Size about: 16 * 14 * 4.2CM

Price: £25.00 in

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Ideal for ages 14+.
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