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280hz AutoStart Pro Powerball Gyroscope


Just when you thought that Powerball couldn't get any better... After years of careful planning, we have succeeded in developing a revolutionary new Autostart 280hz Powerball and now with a battery-free speedometer/counter. A completely standalone product, no string is required to start the gyro - simply pull back the rotor and spin!

Offering the same superlative build quality as the other Powerballs in the range the 280Hz Autostart has the added advantage of being truly portable and can be easily operated by anybody - no strings, no thumb start, no flick start... just wind it back and let go for a perfect start every time!

This latest 280Hz model can be used for strength, training, rehabilitation and fitness applications as well as being an excellent addition to the training regime of any musician.

  • Speeds of 18,000rpm+ (record is 22,000rpm)
  • Built in speedometer/counter
  • Onboard counter with multiple programme functions
  • Auto off feature
  • Battery free design
  • Autostart feature (no more starting with string)
  • Ultra-Grip™ Silicone Band
  • Generates 11.3kg / 24.91lbs of force @ 10,000rpm
  • Drop resistant design
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Reversible tracks for 2x the lifespan
  • Great for sports training
  • A revolution for injury prevention, rehabilitation and strengthening
  • Improve your wrist/arm/grip for sports

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Ideal for ages 14+.
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