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Super Gyroscope Replacement Part Kit

Replacement Part Kit for Super Gyroscope

Although the super precession gyroscope comes with high quality stainless steel bearings that are robust, some customers have had accidents and damaged the gyroscope. For example the gyroscope may get dropped. This can often happen in educational environments in schools, colleges or universities. Although the bearings still operate, the cage of the bearing is damaged resulting in shorter spin times and bearings can become very noisy. For these rare occasions we have developed a bearing replacement kit. The kit consists of 2 new stainless steel bearings, 2 rubber O rings and a custom made tool to remove the bearings.

NOTE: There have been a few variations of super gyroscope. Watch the video to see how to replace the bearings. However please be aware that later versions of the gyroscope have a grub screw (side of where you put the special tool into the gyroscope). If there is a grub screw, remove it using the supplied Alan key before replacing the bearings. Then put back in once replaced. If in doubt e-mail us.

Warning: Please do not attempt to remove the bearings without the custom made tool.

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