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Single Cylinder Thermal Engine

Single cylinder thermal engine

This engine is thermal engine. Its runs off butane or propane gas (or a mix of both) which is stored in a clear gas tank on the baseplate. This is refilled in between runs using a standard butane/propane refill.

It has a piezo starter. Simply open the gas value and press the piezo starter. You see the flames around the top of the engine. Once the mesh starts to glow red the flames disappears and the catalytic converter is now running.

The engine quickly warms up and with a quick flick of the flywheel the engine bursts into life. Adjust the gas valve to correct the engine speed.

The model engine comes complete and ready to run.

Technical data:
Speed regulation: valve on the gas tank
Crankshaft ball bearings
Capacity approx.. 1.0 cc
Number of revolutions approx.. 3000 rpm
Running time approx. 10 min
Height: 150mm
Width: 85mm
Length: 170mm
Weight 500 kg

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