Magnetically Levitated Solar Motor


The first thing you notice about this product is the fact that it is levitating, then you notice it is spinning using just the power from the sunlight! Ultra-strong neodymium magnets keep it levitating, while more magnets and copper coils and solar panels keep it rotating. The 8 panels mean it can easily self-start in any strong light, whether it is sunlight, candles or incandescent bulbs. Each cell only produces electricity when it is facing the light. This eliminates the need for any electric and mechanical connection to the axle in order to transfer electricity.

As each monocrystalline solar panel faces the light source it creates electricity which is fed to a coil hidden behind the solar panel. This becomes electromagnetic and is attracted to the large magnet below the armature. As it pulls the armature round a new panel begins to face the light source and the whole cycle is repeated.

These types of motors are sometimes called Mendocino motors.

BTW: We have sold various solar motor over the past. The build quality was variable. The build quality on this solar motor is outstanding. It polished aluminium and robust.

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