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Spectroscope - Pocket size 12x54mm

Spectroscope both sizes

This is a pocket sized diffraction grating spectroscope. Point one end to a light source and the hold the other end to your eye. Your'll be able to see what colours the light source is made from. White light is made of a spectrum of light, from red at one end of the spectrum, to the violet at the other.

If you indirectly point it at the sun you see the full spectrum of colour. However point it at a different light bulbs and you'll see why they don't appear to be a bright white. They have whole sections of the spectrum missing !

This is very handy for chemists, astronomers and scientists because hot gasses pass different signatures of light. Enabling them to identify gasses. It may also be interesting for photographers and other professionals to ensure the correct lighting conditions.

Note: The image shows the two types of spectroscopes we sell. The smaller is the pocket version.

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Ideal for ages 11+.
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