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Mamod Working Model Steam Roller

Steam Roller

Boiler of Steam Roller      Steam Roller     

This is a superbly realistic model of an early steam road roller. Open the boiler valve and use the supplied funnel to pore in some water. Put the valve back on. Place a couple of the solid fuel tablets (supplied) into the burner, light with a match and insert under the boiler. Wait a while for the boiler to build up steam. Give the steam whistle a little toot to see if the pressure is up. Then use the control lever to burst the engine into life. Drive belt can be removed to allow the engine to idle or power some apparatus. A wonderful live steam model.

  • Working steam whistle
  • Throttle/control level
  • Water gauge
  • Flywheel
  • Steam pressure safety valve
  • Suitable for age 14+
  • Adjustable steering with detactable steering rod
  • Boiler volume 199 cm3 with max working pressure 1.13bar (16 psi)
  • Made in the UK
  • Fuel not included

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Ideal for ages 14+.
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