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Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine

This is a steam turbine with a unique design. The turbine itself is surrounded in a clear chamber made from strong yet clear acrylic. Around 300ml of water is stored at the bottom ready to heated and turned into steam. When the turbine is spinning, water is drawn up into the upper section creating a 1mm layer of water against the turbine wall. Gas is combusted in a jet nozzle directly above the rotor heating it up considerably. Water is boiled and turned into steam. The pressure increases and it is force out the sides through nozzles. The nozzles are directed towards a series of vertical tubes. The steam can condense in the tubes turn back into warm water and falling back into the water reservoir.

The Turbine has an electric motor to get it up to 3000rpm, at that point the gas valve is opened and the lighted.

Speed control: Needle valve on gas tank
Turbine shaft: Precision ball bearings
Speed: 3000 - 6000 rpm
Running Time: up to 10 minutes on one tank of fuel
Height: about 200mm
Width: about 200mm
Length: about 300mm
Weight: 2.2 Kg
Water: Distilled water 0.3 L
Rev counter: Digital
Temperatures Gauge: Digital

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Price: £1,100.00 in

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Ideal for ages 4+.
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