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Hot Air, Caloric and Stirling Engines

Hot Air Caloric and Stirling Engines

Robert Sier's 350 page hardback book on Hot Air, Caloric and Stirling Engines is a comprehensive record of the development of heat based engines from the beginning up to modern day. The actual number and variants of engines may come as a surprise to you. Detailed drawings, diagrams and pictures are provided throughout with extensive references. This book is must for anyone keenly interested in Stirling engines or anyone wishing to do research on the subject.

  • PART ONE : Fluid Displacement Devices.
  • PART TWO : Ventilating Furnaces, Smoke Jacks And Hot Air Balloons
  • PART THREE : Some Early Designs.
  • PART FOUR : Furnace Gas Engines.
  • PART FIVE : Displacer Type Air Engines
  • PART SIX : Free Piston and Free Displacer engines.
  • PART SEVEN : John Ericsson and Open Cycle Engines.
  • PART EIGHT : The Compression Engine.
  • PART NINE : Vacuum Engines
  • PART TEN : Heat Pumps and Air Compressors.

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