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Tesla Turbine - MK1

This turbine is now replaced by the metal version

Tesla Turbine mk1

Tesla Turbine      Clear Plastic allows you too inside of turbine      Tesla Turbine mk1     

Invented by the creator of the AC power system this is a truly unique technology
that has been forgotten for nearly 100 years

Introduction to the technology

A Tesla turbine is a quite unique technology. It was invented and patented by Nikola Tesla on the 21st October 1909 at the United States Patent Office from experiments done in England. The patent 1061206 was granted on the 6th May 1913. Although, it is thought that a Tesla first showed a 200 hp 16,000 RPM version on the 10th of July 1906 (on Tesla’s 50th birthday).

From what Tesla wrote in the patent it seems his experiments were mainly done with fluids but had confirmed it works with air as well. Unlike a conventional turbines, jet engines and most pumps, Tesla’s turbine can be designed to be reversible with no loss in efficiency. Normally compressed air, fluids or steam is applied to the inlet and the turbine spins giving a mechanic rotational output. However, it can also double up as a pump, by rotating the shaft the air/fluid/steam can and be sucked and blown from the inlets / outlets. This makes it unique in being a reversible turbine and a reversible pump. However efficiency increases can be made by tailoring the pump to the medium.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856 - January 7, 1943) was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical achievement. He was of Serb descent and worked mostly in the United States.

Some of the more notable things Nikola Tesla invented

Late 1800s Pioneered work with spark plugs
1882 Polyphase electric power (almost all mains systems run on this today)
1888 Set the 60 Hz standard for North America while working for Westinghouse
1888 Brushless synchronous and induction motors
1891 Wireless electric power transmission concepts
1892 X-Rays (3 Years before Willhelm Roentgen re-discovered them!)
1893 Practical Radio
1895 Designed first commercial three-phase AC power plant for use at Niagara Falls while working for Westinghouse<
1898 Demonstrates wireless remote controlled boat (first wireless remote control)
1906 Tesla bladeless turbine and pump

More information about Nikola Tesla can be found at:
Tesla WardenClyffe Project
Tesla Memorial Society

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