Tesla Turbine - MK2

Metal Tesla Turbine mk2

Metal Tesla Turbine mk2

This is the long await metal Tesla turbine. It has a number of design improvements over the Tesla original turbine design. It has a new directional "injection" system that delivers air straight between the disks, improving performance and allowing the turbine to be reversed using a screwdriver while the turbine is running. The brass injector can also be replaced and improved. A "blank" injector (no machined holes) is supplied with the turbine for experimentation. There are 10 disks in total on a stainless steel axle/spindle. The disks can be reconfigured in different ways, for example a new design of disks could be made and easily substituted. The disk gaps and number of disks could even be changed providing new washers were made/sourced. The turbine has a standard a 1/4" BSP threaded connector for both the inlet and outlet pipes. An 1/4" BSP to Uni adapter is provided to allow easy connection to an air compressor (8+ CFM recommended). The turbine comes with a 3 phase generator and 3 x 20 watt bulbs, easily generating 60 watts (generator can produce more). The turbine design and generator mount allows for possibility of changing the generator or connecting to something else. The turbine is supplied on a wooden base for display and demonstration purposes (connected using 2x5mm Hex screws).

Tesla turbines are also known as cohesion turbines, bladeless turbines, boundary layer tubines and Prandtl turbines.

Turbine diameter: 100mm
Turbine length (ex generator+mounts): 75mm
Blade/disk diameter: 78mm
Blade/disk thickness: 1.2mm
Blade/disk gap: 1.2mm
Number of Blades/disks: 10
Over base size: 113mm x 185mm
Total Weight: 1420g approx
Materials Used
Case : HE30 aluminium
Spindle : 303 stainless steel
Disk Spacers : HE30 aluminium
Injector : CZ121 brass
Inlet : 1/4 BSP
Outlet : 1/4 BSP
Adapters (supplied) : Uni connectors
Output : 60 watts @ 10.5 VAC @ 25,000 RPM
type : 3 phase AC
MAX Output : 150 watts
Interesting features
Reversible: Yes, using flat screwdriver
Medium: Compressed air, vacuum.
steam, gasses or liquids possible
but require new seals.
Design improvements: Injector system and modular designs
Replacable parts: Motor can be upgraded
Bulbs can be changed
Possible experiments: New design for injector
new disks, amount of disks
different mediums
different generators
Free spare: free 'blank' injector that can be redesigned

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