Tesla Turbine - MK4 (Coming 2020)

Coming soon.


The feedback from customers is that you wanted a larger turbine with higher efficiency and can produce more power. More detailed information about this turbine will be available soon.

Key points
  • Increase power
  • Greater surface area hence for greater boundary layer effect
  • Designed for increase efficiency
  • Up to 35x more throughput
  • Can handle for higher pressures 300psi+
  • Good Safety factor built into design
  • up to 4kw output
  • Better coupling to generator design
  • Suitable for close-loop applications
  • Casing seals included
  • Standard plumbing fittings for inlet/outlet
  • Closer to Tesla's original design
  • Can be used with compress air, steam, water or many other types of gasses
  • Can handle temperatures upto 250C with supplied seals.
  • hybrid ceramic bearings
  • 168mm / 6.6 inch disks
  • Mostly Aluminium and stainless steel

Price: £400.00 in

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Ideal for ages 16+.
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