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Product Image Product Name and Description
Maxwell spinning top

Maxwell top - £349.99

This 1/2 scale reproduction of Maxwell's Dynamical Top finely handcrafted from solid brass and tool steel stands just over 5.5" high and will delight both the discerning collector and the historical scientific enthusiast. More information about the Maxwell top

Rattleback spinning toy

Rattleback - £2.48

A science curiosity whose ancient and mysterious properties capture the attention of all ages. Rattleback will spin in one direction but when spun in the wrong direction, it will quickly stop, rattle up and down, and then begin to spin in the opposite direction. It also magnifies and is sure to entertain for hours! More information about the Rattleback

Mini humming top

Mini Humming Top - £4.99

Miniature spinning top made from tin. Spin one of these tops and it will hum as it turns on the spot, behaving in much the same way to larger tops of a similar design. More information about the Mini Humming Top

Blow spinning top

Blow Top - An air powered spinning top - £3.49

Well this spinning top is a little different in two ways. You can start it by blowing on it and it is also attracted to magnets! A simple fun and inexpensive toy. More information about the Blow Top - An air powered spinning top

Crystal Spinning Top

Crystal Spinning Top - £0.98

Transparent spinning top with crystal-like design. More information about the Crystal Spinning Top

Rainbow Humming Top

Rainbow Humming Top - £12.50

This is a large pretty rainbow humming top is based on victorian humming tops but with a modern fun design. 18 cm in size. More information about the Rainbow Humming Top

Victorian Humming Top

Victorian Humming Top - £11.26

This is a large humming top based on Victorian humming tops and comes with pictures of Victorian toys painted on. 18 cm in size. More information about the Victorian Humming Top

Metal Flip Over Tippe Top

Metal Flip Over Top - £5.48

Once the top is spun it suddenly flips over and continues to spin upside-down. An unusual gyroscopic effect ! More information about the Metal Flip Over Top

Fidget spinner ball

Fidget Spinner Mirror Ball - £14.99

This is a very ornamental desktop fidget spinner. The shape and almost mirror like finish really give it a tremendous lustre. It has bearings and a hidden base under it. It is made from solid Aluminium giving it substantive feel and inertia. More information about the Fidget Spinner Mirror Ball

Magnetically Floating Spinning Top

Magnetically Floating Spinning Top - £25.00

This Magnetically Floating Spinning Top uses the principles of gyroscopic physics and maglev technology. The end result is an amazing educational toy that floats in mid-air. More information about the Magnetically Floating Spinning Top