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Super Gyroscope Gimbals (add-on kit)

Gimbals add-on kit for super gyroscope

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Super gyroscope gimbals      Gimbals add-on kit for super gyroscope     

This kit is an add-on to the Super Precision Gyroscope. The kit is a modular set of twenty four components that complement and expand the number of experiments that can be performed. They are compatible with components that are supplied with the gyroscope and can be used together. One of the main features is to provide 2 axis gimbals for the gyroscope but many other experiments can be performed. The gimbals make precession and nutational forces easy to demonstrate.

What are gimbals?

Gimbals are a mechanical support that allows an object to move freely on a number of axes. The most common type of gimbals allows a gyroscope freedom on two axes. The 3rd axis is the gyroscopes own spin axis. 3 or more gimbals can be added but only really demonstrates how to reduce gimbal-lock, hence are not as common as that is more niche demonstration. Although gyroscopes commonly use gimbals, gimbals themselves have other uses, for example gimbals driven with servo motors can be used to accuracy position cameras and stabilise the image reducing or remove the shake and blurriness of the videos.

What is a typical demonstration using gimbals?

A typical demonstration of a gyroscope when using gimbals is to spin up the gyroscope, put the gyroscope in the gimbals then set the gyroscope pointing in a certain direction. In a classroom environment this maybe towards a doorway or an inanimate object. The demonstrator can then walk around the room holding the gyroscope/gimbals, regardless which way the person walks the gimbals will also continue to point the same way. Another common demonstration is to place the gyroscope and gimbals on a table and allow someone to gently push the gimbals. By pushing one gimbal the person will feel the resistance from the gyroscope but also observe precession of the other gimbal.

Key features of this kit
  • 3 leg stable gimbal platform
  • Rubber feet to stop slipping
  • All gimbal parts made from stainless steel
  • Expands the number of experiments that can be carried out
  • Gyroscope attachments are interchangeable with this kit
  • Kit can be used to link two gyroscopes together
  • Allows the gyroscope to be used with gimbals or on an arm
  • Very high precision manufacture
  • British design
  • Note: Super Precision Gyroscope required

Set Includes:
1 x Centre hub
3 x legs (can be used as extension rods)
3 x Feet (connects to ends of legs)
3 x rubber O rings (fit on feet)
3 x Hex screws to secure feet to legs
1 x Plastic washer for top of hub
1 x Pin (fits into hub and horizontal arm)
1 x Hex screw to secure pin to horizontal arm
2 x Gimbal vertical arms
2 x Thumb Screws
1 x Centre beam
1 x Counter weight
1 x Grub screw for counter weight
1 x Alan key

Super Gyroscope not included

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