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Gimbals add-on kit for super gyroscope

Super Gyroscope Gimbals (add-on kit) - £34.99

This kit provides additional components for use with the Super Precision Gyroscope allowing a much wider range of experiments to be performed. More information about the Super Gyroscope Gimbals (add-on kit)

Super gyroscope on its own

Super Precision Gyroscope (without gimbals) - £85.00

The Super Precision Gyroscope is a completely new gyroscope, designed from scratch and precision-built to extremely high standards. Made from solid brass and aluminium, it runs on miniature high-grade ball bearings. A free electric motor starter spins it up to 12,000rpm. There is an optional gimbal kit and rate kit. More information about the Super Precision Gyroscope (without gimbals)

Luxury box for super gyroscope - £24.00

This box is custom made for the super gyroscope. It is a hinged solid walnut box with 7mm thick sides, hidden magnet catches and a polished finish makes a lavish storage box for the gyroscope. More information about the Luxury box for super gyroscope

Advanced Gyro - £79.96

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The last couple of hundred years is littered with some interesting spinning tops and gyroscopes. Every so often someone manages to get them to do something no one else has thought about. More information about the Advanced Gyro

Deluxe toy gyroscope with stand string and pull cord

Deluxe Gyroscope - £7.99

This gyroscope was designed to be an improvement on the Tedco gyroscope and is the most precise toy gyroscope for its price. Tiny ball bearings in the shaft and a well-balanced wheel keep the gyroscope spinning for several minutes. More information about the Deluxe Gyroscope

Gyrobot2 - The Amazing Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot - £34.99

A robot fit for the circus! With this kit, you can build a robot that walks, step by step, along a tightrope. How? Thanks to the robot’s main component, a gyroscope, it can maintain its balance and perform this fun trick without falling over! More information about the Gyrobot2 - The Amazing Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot

Tedco gyroscope on stand

Tedco Original Toy Gyroscope - £6.98

Produced since circa 1911, This original Tedco gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. Includes starting string, pedestal, and instructions for amazing tricks. More information about the Tedco Original Toy Gyroscope

Light Up Gyroscope with stand and supplied string

Light Up Gyroscope - £9.98

This toy gyroscope has a mesmerising light show when spun up with the supplied pull string. The gyroscope is a good size and weight for a toy gyroscope, the spin times are also good. More information about the Light Up Gyroscope

Red mini gyroscope with supplied stand and string

Mini Gyroscope - £4.00

This mini gyroscope comes in a box just 2.5 inches (6cm) square. The disk is 2 inches (5cm) across and because of its size it is ideal for younger children from about 5 years old. More information about the Mini Gyroscope

UFO style gravitron gyroscope

Gravitron - £5.50

This is another variation on the humble gyroscope appealing to children's imaginations. The Gravitron is a gyroscope concealed in a UFO and is operated with a simple-to-use T-handle suitable especially for small children. More information about the Gravitron

Pocket Digital Laser Tachometer - £9.98

Tachometers are used to measure the rate of rotation (in revolutions per minute) of a spinning object. This one uses a laser beam which allows for non-contact measurement. It is ideal for measuring the speed of gyroscopes and a `must-have' for laboratory experiments. More information about the Pocket Digital Laser Tachometer

Gyroscope String

5 Replacement Strings for Gyroscopes - £0.80

High quality string for toy gyroscopes. Ideal for mini, tedco, extreme deluxe and Japanese gyroscopes. In fact any toy gyroscope for that matter ! 5 strings included. More information about the 5 Replacement Strings for Gyroscopes

Kevlar string for gyroscopes - £2.00

Most toy gyroscopes are started with string. That's the way it has been done for over 100 years. Sadly sometimes the string can wear and break. That is a pain. So we are introducing kevlar string! Same stuff that is used for bullet proof vests and army helmets. More information about the Kevlar string for gyroscopes

Gyroscope book

New Book On Gyroscopes - £24.99

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This book was written as a response to a lack of publications offering easily understandable information on gyroscopes. This book aims to fill the gap between dictionary definitions and the all too often highly mathematical books on gyroscopes. With the aid of illustrations you will be shown the principles of gyroscopes including precession and nutation, where and how gyroscopes are used, practical mathematical examples and some of the history of gyroscopes. More information about the New Book On Gyroscopes

Brass Lecture Gyroscope - £599.99

Its back! By popular demand we have produced another version of our lecture gyroscope. Based on University gyroscopes from the 19th century this gyroscope is over 12 inches tall and is made from solid brass. It runs almost silently on precision stainless steel miniature ball bearings. More information about the Brass Lecture Gyroscope

Rate Gyroscope Kit

Super Gyroscope Rate Kit - £25.00

This kit turns the Super Precision Gyroscope and gimbals kit into a rate gyroscope making an ideal demonstration for pilot training or physics lessons. More information about the Super Gyroscope Rate Kit

Replacement Part Kit for Super Gyroscope

Super Gyroscope Replacement Part Kit - £14.99

This is a bearing replacement kit for our popular super gyroscope. More information about the Super Gyroscope Replacement Part Kit

Replacement Motor for Super Precision Gyroscope - £15.00

This is a replacement motor and battery pack for the super gyroscope. You shouldn't ever need a spare motor and battery pack but if you happen to loose yours or damage it, don't worry you can buy this replacement from us. More information about the Replacement Motor for Super Precision Gyroscope