Gimbals add-on kit for super gyroscope

Super Gyroscope Gimbals (add-on kit) - £34.99

This kit provides additional components for use with the Super Precision Gyroscope allowing a much wider range of experiments to be performed. More information about the Super Gyroscope Gimbals (add-on kit)

Super gyroscope on its own

Super Precision Gyroscope (without gimbals) - £90.00

The Super Precision Gyroscope is a completely new gyroscope, designed from scratch and precision-built to extremely high standards. Made from solid brass and aluminium, it runs on miniature high-grade ball bearings. A free electric motor starter spins it up to 12,000rpm. There is an optional gimbal kit and rate kit. More information about the Super Precision Gyroscope (without gimbals)

Pocket Digital Laser Tachometer - £9.98

Tachometers are used to measure the rate of rotation (in revolutions per minute) of a spinning object. This one uses a laser beam which allows for non-contact measurement. It is ideal for measuring the speed of gyroscopes and a `must-have' for laboratory experiments. More information about the Pocket Digital Laser Tachometer

Rate Gyroscope Kit

Super Gyroscope Rate Kit - £25.00

This kit turns the Super Precision Gyroscope and gimbals kit into a rate gyroscope making an ideal demonstration for pilot training or physics lessons. More information about the Super Gyroscope Rate Kit

Replacement Part Kit for Super Gyroscope

Super Gyroscope Replacement Part Kit - £14.99

This is a bearing replacement kit for our popular super gyroscope. More information about the Super Gyroscope Replacement Part Kit